C360 Brass Metal Components

Metal Parts of Mechanical Seal Cartridge

Metal Parts Cartridge

Grades of Stainless Steel Metal Parts

Grades Stainless Steel

Metal Parts Springs for Pump Seal

Metal Parts Springs

Machining Metal Parts for Mechanical Seal

Machining Metal Parts

Metal Parts Stamping Seal Face Holder

Metal Parts Stamping

Metal Parts Shafts Rods

Metal Parts Shafts

Investment Casting for Mechanical Seals

Investment Casting Mechanical

Metal Parts Pump Parts

Metal Parts Pump

Metal Parts Bushing Shaft Sleeve

Metal Parts Bushing

Machining Parts Driving Collar

Machining Parts Driving

Metal Parts for Mechanical Seal

Metal Parts Mechanical

Metal Parts Spring Holder

Metal Parts Spring

Mechanical Seal Machining Parts

Mechanical Seal Machining

As a prominent manufacturer we are manufacturing the premium quality of C360 Brass Metal Components and we are using the excellent quality of raw material to manufacture these products.

Design Features
  • Ultra-High-Speed Mechanical Seal
  • High Pressure Mechanical Seals
  • Solid Bearing
  • High resistance to shear
  • torque and deformation.
  • Used for heat sinks to protect sensitive equipment from overheating
  • Also use in Pumps
  • Nuclear Power Plants
  • Building and Bridge Construction
  • as well as most vehicles
  • many appliances
  • tools
  • pipes
  • non-illuminated signs
  • and railroad tracks.
Inspection Techniques
  • Flexible Alignment Strategies (RPS, best-fit, etc.)
  • Full Surface Verification
  • Hole Pattern Inspection
  • Trim & Spring Analysis
Industries Served
  • Automobile industries
  • Telecommunications
  • Instrumentation industry
  • Aviation Industry
  • Ship Construction Industry
  • Road Automotive Industry
We can manufacture and export C360 Brass Metal Components as per specifications (custom drawing and samples) for more information please Inquiry Now or Contact Us