C360 Brass Insert for PVC Moulding Parts & Conduits

Insert PVC Moulding
Material Brass - to BS EN 12164 CW 614N REACH/RoHS compliant as per the candidate list of substances of very high concern.
Finish Self-Colour. Special finishes to customer requirements, at extra cost.
Description The Multisert is a press fit insert. Two body length options are available as well as headed and unheaded, the Multisert form may also be reversed to give high pull out performance where access to the rear of the moulding is possible. The part number is defined by the female body size replacing the first 0 with a 5. Special ends to the thread such as dog point or chamfer may also be specified.
Application For use in thermoplastic materials where the mating component fits flush.
Hole size  Moulded and drilled hole diameters vary dependent upon the nature of the final assembly, component geometry and plastic material. Please consult our technical department for a precise recommendation, to ensure optimum production conditions. Sizes as per custom specification and requirements.
Installation  This insert is most suitable for press fitting cold. Where heat must be used consideration should be given to the greater mass of the male insert which takes longer to heat up, increasing installation times, and cool down, with the risk of subsequent insert movement.
We can manufacture and export C360 Brass Insert for PVC Moulding Parts & Conduits as per specifications (custom drawing and samples) for more information please Inquiry Now or Contact Us